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How To Customize WP Facebook Customer Chat plugin

I assume you’ve been able to install WP Facebook Customer Chat on you website, if not please follow this article before you proceed.

Enabling the plugin

Just after installing and activating the plugin, the very first thing you need to do is to enable it so that it would be visible in the front end of your website. To do that, just tick the checkbox in front of Enable text on the plugin settings page as shown below.

Note: Please make sure that you add your facebook page ID as well.

and after doing the above, the chat should display like it is shown below:


As of the last version of thIS plugin, there are three ways by which you can customize this plugin.

1 => Theme Color: You can use this option to customize the look and feel of the chat widget to match that of your website.  For this website, I used black colour instead of the default blue color of the live chat.

Chat Positioning: You can as well enable moving the chat from the default right hand side of the pages of your website to the left hand side by ticking the move chat to left checkbox.

The chat would be moved to the left hand side of all the pages as shown below:

Logged In & Logged Out Greetings: You are free to also customize your logged in and logged out greeting texts by providing the texts to be displayed to each of your website users.

I hope you found it helpful? if yes, feel free to rate the plugin on wordpress.org or donate to the continued development of the plugin.

Wish you success in your business & life.

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